1. 1. Any takers?
  2. 2. Come on. Surely someone out there is willing to take one for the team by being Scooter.
  3. 3. Okay look, he may not be Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy, but he’s still a Muppet. That’s gotta count for something, right?
  4. 4. This shouldn’t have to be like pulling teeth, guys. Just take Scooter now, and then maybe we can get you something else next time.
  5. 5. Seriously? No one wants to be Scooter?
  6. 6. Has it occurred to you that maybe—maybe—Gonzo is a little worse?
  7. 7. Is it really so bad to be Scooter?
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    You’re Scooter!

    C’mon, it’s not so bad, is it? We know this probably wasn’t your first choice, but your willingness to be Scooter is greatly appreciated. Someone had to do it, and you rose to the challenge. You’re definitely the worst Muppet.

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