1. 1. First things first, you need to prove to Jay-Z that you know what a car is in order for him to trust you as a creative collaborator. What, in your opinion, is a car?
  2. 2. And what, in your opinion, is a rap?
  3. 3. Okay, now onto the rap itself. Jay wants to start it out with the line “There are many vehicles from which to choose / But there’s a certain one all the cool cats use,” but he’s stuck on what should come next. Any suggestions?
  4. 4. Jay-Z enlisted superstar producer Just Blaze to make a beat for the song, and while it’s got all the pulsing synths and soaring melodies you’d find in a chart-topping hit, Jay’s worried that it’s not sufficiently evocative of cars. How would you suggest going about making the beat more evocative of cars?
  5. 5. Jay-Z loves rapping about sex. He wants to know if it would be a good idea for him to include lyrics about sex in the car song he’s making for his chauffeur.
  6. 6. Regardless of how you answered the previous question, Jay has decided he’s going to include some lyrics about sex. Which of these sex rhymes would be best to include in his rap about cars?
  7. 7. Jay-Z’s wife, Beyoncé, contributed vocals to be used for the chorus, but she went off script and sang about how cars are vastly inferior to vans—even though Jay made it very clear to her that the song was supposed to be a celebration of cars. Should Jay keep Beyoncé’s chorus in the song even though it disparages cars, or should he cut it from the song and divorce her?
  8. 8. It’s very important to Jay-Z that the song convey the idea that cars go fast. What’s a good rhyme to drive home this message?
  9. 9. Jay’s chauffeur is a foreigner of some kind, and Jay is wondering whether it’d be a nice thing to honor his heritage by rapping in a “Chinese voice.” What do you think?
  10. 10. Jay-Z can’t remember his chauffeur’s name but would love to give him a shout-out somewhere in the song. Can you remind him what his chauffeur’s name is?
  11. 11. Jay is getting bored working on this song and doesn’t care enough about his chauffeur to spend any more time on it. He’s just going to fill all the remaining empty space with lyrics from “99 Problems.”
  12. 12. One last thing: Now that all the heavy lifting is done, what do you think the song’s title should be?
  • Results for Can You Help Jay-Z Make A Good Rap About Cars To Surprise His Chauffeur?

    Jay-Z Didn’t Take Any Of Your Suggestions, But Tony Yayo Would Like To Use Them.

    When Jay-Z saw your suggestions, he got the sense that maybe you’d never seen a car before, and he was a little pissed at you for wasting his time. You just really, really missed the mark. But here's the good news: G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo was actually really impressed by your ideas, and he would like to use them for a car rap of his own. So, all in all, a pretty good consolation prize!
  • Results for Can You Help Jay-Z Make A Good Rap About Cars To Surprise His Chauffeur?

    You Did A Good Job Helping Jay-Z Make A Rap About Cars For His Chauffeur.

    Hey, not bad! The suggestions you gave Jay really paid off—the song sounds great. Really captures the essence of cars. Jay’s chauffeur will be super happy when he hears it. Way to go! Given your musical instincts and lyrical prowess, maybe one day you, too, can become a rap mogul.

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