1. 1. What broad design philosophy will you follow while creating Adam Driver’s logo?
  2. 2. What shape should the logo have?
  3. 3. Here are a few mood boards to help guide your design process. Which of these best captures the emotions Adam Driver’s logo will try to evoke?
  4. 4. Adam Driver’s career skyrocketed when he played Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But a role that prominent has the risk of getting Adam Driver typecast playing villains. Do you want to reference Kylo Ren in the logo, or is it wiser to steer clear of mentioning him?
  5. 5. What text should the logo include?
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    Thank You, On Behalf Of Adam Driver.

    This logo does a great job of explaining that Adam Driver is a good actor. This will look really snazzy on Adam Driver’s website, his letterhead, on business cards, T-shirts, and wherever else he decides to put it. Nice going!
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    Your Tropical Logo Convinced Adam Driver To Quit Acting!

    Oof, this is not good. Adam Driver saw your logo and now just wants to hang out on the beach drinking coconut water and watching boats sail by in the distance. Because of your logo, Adam Driver now realizes that Hollywood is just a pointless rat race, and he’s better off retiring to take a lifelong siesta in the tropics. You made a pretty good logo, but it cost the world Adam Driver’s acting talent, so this is a mixed bag.
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    Hm, That Looks A Little Familiar…

    We’re not accusing you of anything here, but Adam Driver’s logo kind of resembles the Google Chrome logo. Hey, it could be parallel thinking. Maybe you and Google had the same idea of making a circular logo and ended up in the same place by coincidence. Adam Driver can’t use this logo unfortunately, or he’d get sued to hell, but if you did think of this on your own it’s pretty impressive you came up with the same thing as Google!
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    Adam Driver Wants To Adapt Your Logo Into A Movie.

    Okay, so there’s good news and bad news. Adam Driver does not like your logo design for his logo, but he thinks your themes of death and rebirth could make for a really compelling motion picture. He’d like to play a character called The Traveler who embarks on a journey through Hades and while in the underworld confronts personifications of the seven deadly sins. Do you think you could adapt your logo into a 90-page screenplay? This has the potential to be a cinematic masterpiece.

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