1. 1. How do you take your coffee? Yes, this question is thematically tied to the fact that Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are total coffee fanatics, but even if you haven’t seen the show, who cares? It’s just fun to pick how you like your coffee! So go ahead and do that, and don’t worry about the extra layer of meaning this question has for GG fans.

    See how fun that was, regardless of your level of familiarity with the Gilmore Girls universe? Let’s keep this all-inclusive party going right on down to the next question!

  2. 2. For the folks who haven’t seen Gilmore Girls, the question “Where’s your favorite place to eat in Stars Hollow?” won’t make much sense. Real quick: Stars Hollow is the name of the town where Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, the titular Gilmore Girls, live in the show. But you don’t need to know that to have a blast answering this question. Just pick whichever restaurant seems good to you for whatever reason.

    Great choice! Whether you’ve seen every episode of Gilmore Girls or didn’t even know the show existed until now, it’s just fun to answer questions online. Awesome!

  3. 3. Choose your crush. Not sure who these guys are? Not a problem. Just pick the one you think is the hottest! Or make up a story about one of them and then choose that person! It doesn’t matter as long as you have a good time choosing between these hunky guys.

    A Gilmore Girls fanatic might be getting a lot out of this quiz, but don’t tell that to the people who just got a real kick out of picking a random hot dude online!

  4. 4. All right, here’s a change of subject for the benefit of all you folks who aren’t familiar with Gilmore Girls: Anybody excited for the Olympics? It’s coming up pretty soon.

    Sounds good! All right! We’re having fun here!

  5. 5. Pick a school. No need to look them up and learn about their relevance on the show. Just take pleasure in the act of picking something!

    Nice pick! Isn’t picking things a blast? It’s just so relaxing. The motion of scrolling down the page, reading the question, examining your possible answers, and then clicking on one of them—it’s just nice! Even the quiz taker who’s the most ignorant of Gilmore Girls can agree with that.

  6. 6. Was this fun or what?

    That’s great to hear! Click below to see who you are!

  • Results for Even If You Haven’t Seen The Show, You’re Gonna Have A Good Time On This “Which ‘Gilmore Girls’ Character Are You?” Quiz

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    You’re Rory Gilmore!

    You’re Rory Gilmore, the youngest of the Gilmore women. Those of you who have seen the show know that this means you’re kind, driven, studious, and sometimes a little shy. And if you haven't seen Gilmore Girls? Well, then you can just enjoy getting a result. Who doesn't love receiving a result? You put a lot of work into this quiz, and now you get a nice little result in return. And it’s a pretty special result, because Rory is definitely one of the main characters from the show. That’s awesome! We told you this quiz was going to be a good time whether or not you’ve seen Gilmore Girls. Congratulations!
  • Results for Even If You Haven’t Seen The Show, You’re Gonna Have A Good Time On This “Which ‘Gilmore Girls’ Character Are You?” Quiz

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    You’re Lorelai Gilmore!

    You’re Lorelai Gilmore! You’re brave, independent, hopelessly addicted to coffee, and fiercely protective of the ones you love. If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls, that’s still a pretty cool result. She’s obviously one of the main characters on the show, which means that this is a pretty sought-after outcome, and you’re pretty cool for getting it, even though you have no idea what it means. Plus, you can share it, and friends of yours who have seen the show will be impressed that you got it. Wow! How cool is that? This really proves that you can have a great time taking this quiz no matter how much or how little you know about Gilmore Girls. Awesome!
  • Results for Even If You Haven’t Seen The Show, You’re Gonna Have A Good Time On This “Which ‘Gilmore Girls’ Character Are You?” Quiz

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    You’re Sookie!

    You’re Sookie! The best friend of Lorelai Gilmore, you’re warm, hilarious, and a little neurotic. You need things done your way or else you totally freak out. But nothing is more important to you than your friends. Wow. That sounds like a pretty good result. Even if you don’t know who Sookie is because you haven’t ever watched a single episode of Gilmore Girls, this is clearly a very enjoyable outcome. Plus, the actress who plays Sookie is Melissa McCarthy, who is really great in other things, like Bridesmaids and Spy. So that’s pretty awesome! Yeah, this is definitely a fun result, regardless of whether or not it makes any sense to you. Bravo!
  • Results for Even If You Haven’t Seen The Show, You’re Gonna Have A Good Time On This “Which ‘Gilmore Girls’ Character Are You?” Quiz

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    You're Emily Gilmore!

    You’re Emily Gilmore! The matriarch of the Gilmore family, you’re confident, glamorous, and—let’s face it—a total control freak. You take pride in your elegance and the painstaking work you put into making sure everything goes according to your plan. But when you can’t control things, it drives you crazy. And if none of this means anything to you because you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls, then it’s still pretty cool, because you get this nice little picture. Even though you don’t know who she is and she has no sentimental value to you, this is still a pretty cool picture of a super-regal-looking lady. You could print it out and put it on your wall as a piece of art or something. See, we told you this was going to be fun no matter what! Well done!

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