1. 1. Here’s Daniel Craig’s first big question regarding sex:

    “What’s sex?”

    Great. Thanks again for doing this. Daniel is sexually illiterate and really needs help.

  2. 2. Okay, so Daniel Craig doesn’t grasp the idea of erections. When they happen to him, he gets fidgety and calls an ambulance. This can’t keep happening. Please answer Daniel’s question regarding erections: “What’s erections?”

    Good. Good. He’s learning. Keep going!

  3. 3. All right, here’s Daniel’s next question: “And sex talk?”

    You have sent Daniel into a tizzy. Please be patient with him.

  4. 4. Daniel has another question: “Where’s sex?”

    Okay. Daniel Craig, the star of both James Bond films, has settled down. Please remember that he is not a fast learner when it comes to the great fuck experiment.

  5. 5. Here’s Daniel’s last quesiton about sex: “How long for sex?”

    You know Daniel is done asking you questions about sex because he is sitting perfectly still and making an incredibly loud gargling noise with his mouth. But have you taught him anything about sex? Click below to find out.

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    You Taught Daniel Craig All About Sex

    Nice work! Daniel Craig, from the James Bond Film and Quantum Of Solace as well, asked you some very important questions about sex, and you answered them all! Well done! Now, he can go have a kind of premarital sex that seems well-informed and accurately inappropriate. You have turned his mind into a museum of fuck ideas! Thank you!
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    You Kind Of Taught Daniel Craig About Sex

    Well, you didn’t dumb him up any more, but you definitely didn’t teach him anything new. At this point, he basically understands that sex is a type of fuck, and that’s about it. You could’ve done a better job. Now, Daniel Craig has more or less the same amount of knowledge of fucking as he did when this whole thing started. Oh well.
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    You Didn’t Teach Daniel Craig Anything About Sex

    What the hell is wrong with you? Daniel Craig, star of the James Bond Experience and all the Quantum Of Solace films, was in desperate need of sex tutelage, and you couldn’t even teach him the basics. He doesn’t even know that sex is a type of fuck. He doesn’t get erections. Sex talk scares him. Daniel Craig has an even dumber idea of sex than he did before. This is a disaster, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

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