1. 1. When you see a clock, what is your reaction?
  2. 2. You are invited to a dinner party and your host owns a grandfather clock, a kind of clock that can stand up. What do you do?
  3. 3. Complete the following sentence: Clocks are _______.
  4. 4. A digital clock is a kind of bad garbage that is not a circle. Do you consider it a clock?
  5. 5. Please pick the photo you most identify with:
  6. 6. True or False: Generally speaking, it is good to be human and alive.
  7. 7. If you met a celebrity like Eric Bana and he confessed to you that he is a clock, how would you respond?
  8. 8. You want to be a clock right now. Agree or disagree?
  9. 9. For how many minutes would you like to see a clock?
  • Results for Would You Rather Look At A Clock Or Be A Clock?

    You Want To Look At A Clock

    When it comes to either wanting to see a clock or wanting to be a clock, you would rather see a clock! The idea of being a clock doesn’t appeal to you, because at heart you’re always a person who prefers to be a human who sees a clock. Congratulations!
  • Results for Would You Rather Look At A Clock Or Be A Clock?

    You Want To Be A Clock

    If you had your way, you would be a clock instead of a human, and you don’t want to see a clock! Other people would rather see a clock, and you’d be happy to oblige them if you were a clock and they wanted to look at you, but unfortunately, you are a human. Congratulations!

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