1. 1. When it comes to the subject of good kings who ruled Britain with justice and wisdom, would you rank King Arthur of Camelot in your top five kings?
  2. 2. Here are some things you might enjoy thinking about: Queen Guinevere; Arthur’s throne; questing; royal subjects; a proclamation made by King Arthur. Is this the kind of stuff you’re into?
  3. 3. The wizard Merlin points at the Sword in the Stone. It’s stuck really good in a rock. Be honest: Do you try snatching it out?
  4. 4. Tell me if this is true: Every time you see a car, the wheels remind you of the Round Table, which was Sir Lancelot’s favorite furniture.
  5. 5. You’re watching TV news and they report that a murder happened. Is your first thought that this is the sort of crime the criminal Morgan Le Fay would commit?
  6. 6. The nation’s top scientists are holding a press conference to announce that King Arthur is a myth who never existed and that Merlin was just an elderly bear that people mistook for a wizard. What’s your reaction? And before you panic, don’t worry—this is all hypothetical.
  7. 7. For the sake of argument, pretend you’re King Arthur. You lead the army of Camelot to the final battle, and Morded slays you in single combat. That all good?
  8. 8. All right, let’s lay it all on the table: Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and you’re in King Arthur’s bed in Camelot. You head over to the mirror to check and, sure enough, you’re King Arthur now. Are you pretty stoked?
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    You Wish To Be King Arthur Really Badly

    Awesome! It sounds like being King Arthur would be a good experience for you. Ruling Britain with justice and wisdom is the kind of thing you’re into. You would love to hold Excalibur and say “Nice job” to Lancelot, Galahad, Percival, and all the other Knights of the Round Table. Way to go!
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    You Wish To Be King Arthur Somewhat Badly

    If it came down to it, you wouldn’t say no to being King Arthur, and that’s a pretty smart decision. Ruling Camelot and finding the Holy Grail sounds like good fun, and you’d probably be good at it. Then again, you wouldn’t mind being someone other than King Arthur, like Sir Lancelot or yourself.
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    You Wish To Be King Arthur Not At All Badly

    You don’t really want to be King Arthur, and that’s fine. Things like being married to Queen Guinevere, jousting, and getting killed by Mordred aren’t your deal, and nobody’s going to judge you for that. During King Arthur’s just and wise rule, if he existed, the common folk were free to wish to be whomever they wanted to wish to be, and you have that right too.

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