1. 1. Do you think October is another month?
  2. 2. We’ll have to answer the gross question of what’s now. All things considered, what’s now?
  3. 3. Won’t it just be Thursday anyway?
  4. 4. Consider the following scenario: Say it’s not October and now say it somehow is. How will we be able to tell if it’s all of a sudden the tenth month?
  5. 5. Is October long in the past?
  6. 6. When it’s October, no one can know what is a child and what is a haunted threat, can they?
  7. 7. Thanks for your patience so far. Please rate and review the following statement:“It’s October, the tenth month of Autumn.”
  8. 8. Well, who really knows about October, right?
  • Results for Will It Be October?

    October is a must.

    It will be October. It will be the tenth month of Autumn, cold and rife with playoff drama. Southbirds will cut the sky as everyone stays in to watch carlight prism on the ceiling. Then at night, a minor piano chord will shake a wet October puddle, and the streets will fill with children in disguise, and sand will not exist, and nothing will be August, just as sidewalks crumble in the dust, and it will be October. October is a must.
  • Results for Will It Be October?

    It might only be Thursday.

    Okay, this is a real long shot, but after taking everything into account, it seems like it would be wise to at least have on your radar the possibility that it could be Thursday and nothing else. Not even August. If it’s hot in the beach, that could just be Thursday. Even if someone is performing the homecoming dance, it could be Thursday and not October. I, for one, doubt that it will even begin to be Thursday, but there is no mathematical way to prove it. So there you go, I guess. Thursday, maybe.
  • Results for Will It Be October?

    It will still be August.

    You’re right! You’re right! Not October. Never October. It won’t be October at all and it will always be August. It will be hot at the beach with the umbrellas in bloom as a bold parade of Olympic sprinters charges into a boiling sea. The kids will hide their dads in hot sand and call it an October disguise, but this will not even count, because it will still be August. August forever. Jesus Christ. You win.
  • Results for Will It Be October?

    Wow! Hard to believe that it will for sure be October.

    Cool, seems like it will definitely be October, which is impossible. First off, there will be no sand, and it will be Autumn, and we will all be there, and then, just as the youth are steaming in the bleachers and so amped for what is guaranteed to be sports, that is when I have to doubt that at long last it will for sure be October. None of which can or will ever happen, inevitably. Hope that helps!

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