1. 1. Here is Parthik’s face. In your opinion, do you think Parthik seems to be handsome in the looks department?
  2. 2. Parthik really wants to impress you. He has spent all day at the salad bar so that his skin and clothes are swollen with lettuce smells and Thousand Island aromas. Do you like that Parthik smells like the salad bar? Would you kiss such a smell?
  3. 3. Well isn’t this nice! Parthik is offering you his Ancestors’ Clock! That’s a very romantic gift. Surely that deserves a kiss.
  4. 4. What would you say if I told you that Parthik has been sucking on an ice cube for the past 45 minutes in order to give his mouth the freezing-cold feeling that is currently popular among people who kiss?
  5. 5. How beautiful! Parthik has written you a romance poem! Is this kiss-worthy in your eyes?
  • Results for Will You Kiss My Friend Parthik?

    You Will Kiss My Friend Parthik!

    Wonderful news! You and Parthik are gonna kiss! He’s so excited! He’s brushing his hair into that famous lover’s hairstyle we call The Warrior’s Hair Pile, and he is smacking his freezing-cold lips together in the wet way that is frequently described in poems. God, his mouth is so cold. Parthik’s mouth is a dark tundra of wet romance. You’ll kiss it and then you’ll know. You’re going to kiss Parthik! Congrats!
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    You Will Not Kiss My Friend Parthik!

    Oh, no! You’re not going to kiss Parthik! Why? He tried to make the world so romantic for you and you rejected him with the cruel heart of a mean monster. How terrible! Now, loneliness will blanket Parthik like snow in the night. Parthik will drown in his solitude, and only I will remember him. You have mean, stingy lips. Amen.

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