1. 1. Okay, looks like fries are $2.99. What if I got a plate of those and we could split it?
  2. 2. I probably wouldn’t eat them all, but would you help me out if I ordered a small?
  3. 3. It’s only 60 cents extra to make them parm fries, so I don’t know if that changes your mind?
  4. 4. Look at how many that table got. Think that’s how many we’d get?
  5. 5. You like jalapeño poppers? They’re on here too.
  6. 6. Hold on, Sarah’s running late. Should we text her to see if she wants us to order for her?
  7. 7. How did your thing on Wednesday go, by the way?
  8. 8. So, where did we land on that fries thing? You still interested in some of those, or…?
  9. 9. Well, I’m just going to order them, and if you want to poach, that’s fine. Sound good?
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    Great. Now, for my main course, let’s see… Ooh, the quesadilla looks good. Don’t know if I’d want a whole one, though.

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