1. 1. All right, boys, what time is it?
  2. 2. And whose house is this?
  3. 3. Let me hear you!!!

    I’ve heard graveyards louder than that!

  4. 4. Come on, I know you can do better than that!!

    Now we’re cooking with gas!

  5. 5. Do you remember what they did to us last time they were here? Are we gonna let that happen again? Are we?

    Good! Probably best to keep that humiliating slaughter far from your mind!

  6. 6. Now, I want you all to think of Fischer today when you’re out there. Fischer is the heart and soul of this team, and God knows if he hadn’t shattered his femur last month, he’d be right here next to me firing you guys up for the game of your lives. Every time you’re in the game, I want you to think of Fischer, and how bad he’d want to be playing with you, spilling his guts and leaving it all out there on the field. Let’s win this one for Fischer.

    “Thanks, guys. Wish I could be out there with you.”

  7. 7. And what are we gonna do for Fischer??

    That’s the spirit!

  8. 8. Now, we’re just seconds away from what? What time is it??
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    It’s Game Time!

    There’s nothing else I can do for you now; it’s time to go perform out on the field. Glory hangs in the balance, gentlemen. Long after you die, people will speak of what you accomplished in this match today. Give honor to all those who bear your name. Today is the day when we see who is the stuff of legends. If you need water, just ask Fischer. He’s in charge of water.
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    We’ve prepared for this! Now, get out there and kick some serious ass! Don’t do it for me; do it for Fischer! I love all you guys so much.
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    IT’S GAME TIME!!!!

    Fletcher, Simmons, Martinez, Baker, and you, get in there! Let’s win this thing! I am a deeply unhappy person! Don’t forget that.

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