1. 1. Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy?
  2. 2. Which one of these adjectives best describes you?
  3. 3. What’s your favorite book?
  4. 4. Pick your favorite ’90s clothing item:
  5. 5. What would be your relationship with Britney Spears?
  • Results for Which One Of The Backstreet Boy Stranglers Are You?

    You are James Stafford!

    You are strong, driven, and prolific, and you were part of a string of high-profile stranglings of members of boy bands, including the Backstreet Boys, ’N SYNC, and 98 Degrees. But just because you’re always busy doesn’t mean you can’t make time for the ones you love, which is why, when you heard Kevin’s solo in “I Want It That Way,” you knew there was no other ’90s celebrity you’d rather strangle. When you put your mind to something, you get it done, even when it involves posing as a backup dancer and suffocating one of the three remaining Backstreet Boys with his bandana. Everybody...yeah!
  • Results for Which One Of The Backstreet Boy Stranglers Are You?

    You are Nick Carter!

    The most creative, passionate, and committed of the stranglers, you always knew exactly what you were after. That’s why, when A.J. McLean told you he slept with Paris Hilton—your high-profile celebrity beau at the time—you strangled him right then and there. Always one to go against the grain, you could have just killed A.J. with your bare hands, but instead you wrapped his bedazzled microphone cord around his neck and repeatedly yelled, “Nobody sleeps with my girl—nobody but me.” According to the LAPD homicide unit, you wanted it that way! So Nick!
  • Results for Which One Of The Backstreet Boy Stranglers Are You?

    You are Felicia Janson!

    While you seem quiet and reserved, your real friends know you to be a passionate ball of fire, which explains why you got the strangler who murdered Backstreet Boy Nick Carter! Sometimes you prefer to be alone, like when you locked yourself in a room for five weeks after your Backstreet Boy fiancé A.J. McLean was tragically strangled by Nick at his in-home studio. But sometimes you go wild and snag a visitor pass to the San Quentin maximum security prison where Nick is being held, and strangle him there, right on the spot! Either way, according to the coroner, you love hard and you play hard. Just like Nick would have wanted!
  • Results for Which One Of The Backstreet Boy Stranglers Are You?

    You are Mark Rosen!

    Some may call you a workaholic, but your drive and your intelligence make you Mark Rosen, the Backstreet Boys’ producer from 1997-2000 and the man who strangled Howie Dorough in 1999. You’re always willing to fight for what you believe in, so when Howie threatened to leave the band for a solo career, you closed the door to your office and strangled him with your necktie. Bold and unafraid to take risks, you murdered a Backstreet Boy when three members had already been strangled! Larger than life? You are when you’re Mark Rosen, that’s for sure!
  • Results for Which One Of The Backstreet Boy Stranglers Are You?

    You are Victor Sanz!

    Fierce, impassioned, and a little intense, you are Victor Sanz, the man who strangled Brian Littrell after he was turned down for an audition to replace Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (strangled in 1998). Sure, you’re talented, and you commit 100 percent to everything you do, but that wasn’t enough to get you past the first round of screenings with the group’s one remaining member. You never give up, though, which is why you marched right up to Brian in the RCA parking lot and strangled him with his oversized dance jersey, ending the band but being so Victor. I’ll never break your heart? Yeah, right! If you couldn’t replace Nick, nobody could!

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