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TRIANGLE AND SQUARE: Hello! We are all at the bank!

SQUARE: Sorry, but the bank isn’t giving away any money. We asked for money, and they told us no.

TRIANGLE: The Bank CEO is greedy and keeping all the money for himself. He doesn’t want to share the money.

SQUARE: Sharing is a nice thing you and a friend can do with your objects.

TRIANGLE: The Bank CEO doesn’t want to share the money because he wants to have all the money for himself.

SQUARE: That won’t be easy. The bank has hired ruthless trapezoid guards protecting the CEO to make sure no one can reach him and explain that sharing is good. Only trusted bank employes who know the security questions can get through. Past the guards is a thick door powered by electricity that won’t even open right now because the power in Shape City is gone.

TRIANGLE: The bank CEO knows that if anyone explains to him that sharing is good, he’ll be convinced into sharing his money, so he’s doing everything he can to prevent that.

SIR HEXAGON: What? How did you get in here?

GUARD: You’re not allowed back here. How did you get here?

GUARD: Hold it right there! You are only allowed to see Sir Hexagon, the CEO of Big Bank if you can answer the security questions. But I won’t even ask you the security questions, because it wouldn’t matter right now. That’s because Sir Hexagon is stuck inside his room behind an electric door, and the power is out all over the city.

GUARD: Don’t worry. He has enough money in there to last a lifetime.