Yikes! Looks like you’ve disturbed a sleeping grizzly bear! Better act fast, because this guy does not look happy. What do you want to do?

You take off into the woods, running faster than you ever have in your entire life. You can hear the sound of the bear chasing after you, snarling.

You continue running through the forest, ducking under branches and hopping over logs. Your heart is racing, and you can’t tell if the bear is still chasing you or not. What do you do?

You Would Not Survive A Bear Attack

Ahhh!!! You shouldn’t have looked over your shoulder! Now you’re a grizzly’s early dinner. Oh, well!

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You’re on a dirt road now, still running as fast as you can. But you’re starting to feel a little tired. Is that growling you hear behind you? Or is it the sound of your own breathing?

You’re out of the forest now, still running because, for all you know, that bear is right behind you, biding its time until the moment you slow down to catch your breath. What’s your next move?

The road has turned into a freeway and you’ve been running for hours. You’re exhausted. What do you do?

This is your apartment building.

You run into the lobby.

You’re sprinting up the stairs.

Your apartment is at the end of this hallway.

This is your apartment. Go inside?

Wow. You ran all the way home. That took real stamina! Now that you’re safe and sound, what do you want to do?

You Would Not Survive A Bear Attack

Oh, no! That grizzly bear chased you all the way home! Looks like you would NOT survive a bear attack. Sorry!

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You plunge into the river. Good thinking! The bear isn’t swimming after you! What’s your next move?

Wait, that’s weird. Why is he waving?

Oh, no! A waterfall!

You Would Not Survive A Bear Attack

Yowch! That hurts. Looks like you would NOT survive a bear attack Sorry!

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Hmm...there doesn’t seem to be much here.

There’s a stick. Not too big, though. Probably wouldn’t be very effective against a bear.

Hmm...mushrooms? What do you want to do with these?

You Would Survive A Bear Attack

Whoa! This bear is loving these mushrooms. Looks like you’ve made yourself a friend! You would definitely survive a bear attack!

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Whoa! That’s a gun!

Oh, no! You took too long looking for a weapon, and now the bear is about to attack!

You’re holding the gun in your hand, trembling a little as you aim it at the bear. He’s a mere 10 feet away, but he’s no longer growling. He’s just staring at you. Really looking intently at you. Like he knows. But how could he know? He’s just a bear...

What an amazing creature. So graceful and majestic. A beautiful moment passes between you and this glorious beast where you almost seem to be breathing as one. Time stops. You see nothing beyond those fascinating eyes that seem to have something tender in them. Something almost human. You stare with wonder and you forget about everything. About who you are. About why you were scared. About the cold metal object in your hand. And you just breathe...


You Would Survive A Bear Attack, But At What Cost?

You shot the bear six times in the chest, killing him instantly. What did this creature do to you to deserve this death sentence? Was it not you who intruded upon his home? Was it not you who chose to attack him? Well, congratulations. It appears that you would survive a bear attack, but at what cost?

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You Would Not Survive A Bear Attack

Oops! Looks like you were too scared to fire the gun and ended up getting ripped to shreds by a truly majestic grizzly bear. You would not survive a bear attack. Sorry!

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Okay...it looks like standing very still was a good move. The bear has calmed down. It’s sniffing you now, but it doesn’t seem enraged.

Whoa! Seems like he really likes that! Wow. You’ve made a new best friend!

A moment passes between you and the bear. A moment you can’t quite explain. It’s as if, for a brief minute, you understand each other. You’ve connected on some deeper cosmic level. You standing here, him standing there. Two voyagers from different species, convening on the grand stage that is Earth. Though you’ve never met before, it has the feeling of a reunion. Together, here in this moment, you’ve come home.

Your eyes are closed, and you’re deep in contemplation of nature’s splendor. But suddenly you hear something. A voice calling out to you. It’s human.

“Look out!” yells the voice.

And just when it sounds as if it’s right behind you...

Oh, no! The bear is eating the park ranger! Quick, now’s your chance to get away!

You Would Not Survive A Bear Attack

You should’ve run away when you had the chance! The bear finished eating the ranger and then went after you. Sorry, but you would not survive a bear attack.

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You Would Survive A Bear Attack

Nice! The bear was distracted with eating the park ranger and forgot all about you, giving you just enough time to run away! Congratulations! You would survive a bear attack. Well done!

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